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Dovo began making open or ‘cut-throat’ razors in 1906 and in spite of the ascendancy of the modern safety razor the firm has gone from strength to strength. Today Dovo is one of few remaining open razor manufacturers and is undoubtedly the maker of the finest examples. Each razor is a work or art, still crafted by hand in the time honoured fashion. With experience an open razor can shave sufficiently close to keep stubble at bay for two days.

There are 9 Dovo of Solingen products available:

Dovo of Solingen
5 Piece Manicure Set in Nappa Leather Case

Dovo are makers of the finest manicure sets and cut-throat ... more
£ 99.95|Add To
Dovo of Solingen
Cut-Throat Razor Strop Paste
These strop pastes are graded by colours which relate to ... more
£ 7.50|Add To
Dovo of Solingen
Disposable Blade Cut-Throat Razor with Aluminium Handle

A superior aluminium-handled version of the ingenious cut-throat ... more
£ 34.95|Add To
Dovo of Solingen
Disposable Cut-Throat Razor Blades, Extra Long
pack of 10
These blades are designed specifically for use with the Dovo ... more
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Dovo of Solingen
Klipette Precision Hair Trimmer

This ingenious stainless steel device safely and gently cuts ... more
£ 24.95|
Out of Stock
Dovo of Solingen
Leather and Canvas Cut-Throat Razor Strop

A leather and canvas strop is an essential accessory for keeping ... more
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Dovo of Solingen
Leather Extra Wide Cut-Throat Razor Strop

A leather strop is an essential accessory for keeping a ... more
£ 89.95|Add To
Dovo of Solingen
Moustache / Beard Care Set

Dovo are makers of the finest grooming tools. This handy ... more
£ 79.50|Add To
Dovo of Solingen
Shaving Cream
Dovo has produced its own brand of shaving cream which is free ... more
£ 16.50|Add To

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