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Luxury Soap Trio - Elite
3 x 100g

A luxurious triple milled soap with skin conditioner and glycerin. ELITE is a mellow, sophisticated fragrance with a beautiful woody base note made up of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Rich Oakmoss and Tuberose. Its strong character is deliberate, thoughtful and provoking. This fragrance suits the mature, confident individual. 'J.F.' is a lively, zesty citrus fragrance that is at once invigorating and refreshing. This Floris signature scent is named after the initials of the founder, Juan Famenias. ‘J.F.’ has a vibrant, engaging character and a gregarious nature, giving it wide appeal. No.89 has a fresh, citrus top note blended with shades of Sandalwood, Rose, Orris and Oakmoss and was the fragrance worn by James Bond.

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