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Hair Shampoo-In Colour - Jet Black

Just For Men True Colour formula leaves natural hair colour alone and targets only grey hair, replacing it with subtle tones for a really natural look. It cleverly turns grey hairs into a blend of several close but slightly different shades of colour that match the rest of your hair. The result is a look that is so natural even you will not be able to tell where the grey was. It works in just 5 minutes and is as easy as shampooing in. The non-drip, mess free formulation lasts up to six weeks – approximately from haircut to haircut – and will not wash out or fade no matter how often you shampoo, condition or style your hair, meaning you can treat it just as normal. The unique complex of Vitamin E, Protein, Chamomile and Aloe is even good to the hair, leaving it thicker, healthier looking and easier to control, whilst special conditioners protect the hair when colouring. This is the JET BLACK formula. If uncertain of the right colour choose slightly lighter as you can always go darker. Backed by over three decades of research and proven by million of satisfied users. AG5001:RT5001:MV6000

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