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Baxter of California
Shaving Brush
Best Badger Hair
This 100% natural Badger hair shaving brush is made with ... more
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Baxter of California
Travel Shaving Brush

This practical travel shave brush made with pure badger hair ... more Best Badger Hair
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Carter and Bond
Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

As an entry level brush this really is hard to beat, either ... more
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Carter and Bond
Shaving Brush with Travel Case
Pure Badger Hair
A handy little travel shaving brush that comes complete with ... more
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Carter and Bond
The 'Buckingham' Shaving Brush
Super Badger Hair
Without a doubt the most impressive brush we offer. This ... more
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Carter and Bond
The 'Clarence' Shaving Brush
Super Badger Hair
An elegant Super Badger brush in Faux Ivory with distinctive ... more
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Carter and Bond
The 'Grandee' Shaving Brush
Super Badger Hair
The Grandee is our second most impressive brush. As the name ... more
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Carter and Bond
The 'Sandringham' Shaving Brush
Pure Badger Hair
Our most popular inexpensive shaving brush is this ... more
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Shaving Brush

Traditionally, the finest shaving brushes have always used ... more
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Czech & Speake
Brushed Aluminium Travel Shaving Brush
Best Badger Hair
A beautiful shaving brush with brushed aluminium handle and ... more
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Premier Synthetic Shaving Brush with Metal Stand + FREE Shave Creme

This revolutionary new shaving brush is the result of 3 ... more
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Shave Brush

Portland's handmade traditional Shave Brush is designed to ... more
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Shaving Brush

A fantastic value chrome finished shaving brush from the ... more
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Semogue X Confianca
Shaving Brush

This hand-made Badger Hair brush is a collaboration between ... more
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Chubby 2 Shaving Brush

This impressive premium shaving brush is turned in three ... more Super Badger Hair
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Persian Jar 2 Shaving Brush
Super Badger Hair
A simple shape which has become very popular, the Persian Jar ... more
£ 120.00|Add To

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