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R1 Argent Silver Mach 3 Razor


The unique Bolin Webb range of razors take their inspiration from the world of premium sports cars, both classic and modern. The sleek, aerodynamic curve of the broad handle and the coloured ‘coachwork’ effortlessly evoke legendary marques of motor racing. Even the palette of ‘paint work’ draws on iconic sports car and racing team colours – from the exact shades of red and yellow used by Ferrari to the silver of so many classic German racing autos. The coloured upper ‘bonnet’ is finished in a durable lacquer to protect the painted coating, whilst the base is rubberized for precise handling. These UK made modern classics launched in June 2011 and we are delighted to have been behind the brand right from the starting grid. The R1 and R1-S models share the same design, the difference being that the latter are stunningly coloured (Monza red to be accompanied by other finishes during 2011). All razors take the Gillette Mach 3 head and come with one blade. This is the stunning silver R1 Argent model. BW1002:BW1003:BW1000

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