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MCMC Fragrances
Dude No.1 All-Natural Beard Oil

20% off normal price to clear. This unique product is simply a wonderful fragrance besides serving as a beard oil. Made with Virginia Cedarwood, Green Coriander and Pink Peppercorn it is by turns fresh, spicy and woody. The formula is 100% natural and uses only essential oils, organic Hemp Seed Oil and American Jojoba Oil hand-blended by the creator in tiny batches in her Brooklyn workshop. She was inspired to make Dude No.1 by her bearded hubby, so keen was she that only the safest ingredients should come into contact with his face. In Anne’s own words this has been blended “to make others want to get close to you”... whether or not you have a beard! Features a roll-on applicator for ease of use and to ensure a little goes a long way. Another first in the UK from Carter and Bond.

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