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Sensitive Ultrawhite Whitening Toothpaste

This uniquely developed formulation contains the most active natural ingredients necessary to maintain proper daily oral hygiene. The natural fruit enzymes of the patented Bromaine Complex promote faster non abrasive whitening, which results in whiter teeth without any harm to the enamel. This formula has been especially developed to decrease teeth sensitivity to cold, heat, contact and acids. Used twice daily Janina helps prevent decay, controls plaque and provides long lasting gum protection. Independent clinical trials have also proven Janina Ultrawhite to effectively reduce halitosis (bad breath). A safe yet gentle whitening toothpaste for those with surface staining from tea, coffee, red wine or nicotine. Ideal for those at high risk to dental caries or periodontal diseases. Developed in Europe and FDA Approved. MV6001:JN6000:FL6000

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